Our Lazy Daze Motorhome

Our Lazy Daze Motorhome
2009 Lake Louise

Sunday, April 7, 2013

2013 April Easter and Spring Break near Alys Beach, Florida

April 1-5, 2013.

In the past, all the posts have been camping in our Lazy Daze.  However, since I posted week one of Spring Break, I thought I would also post week two, even though we weren't camping.

We spent Easter with Jeanne's family at the East Glen Nursing and Rehab Facility in Trussville, Alabama where her mother is a resident.  All the immediate family were there (her dad, brother, and sister and their families, along with Jeanne's daughters and their sons).  It was pot luck and we had a nice meal together. Christmas was the last family gathering, so it seemed everyone enjoyed being together.  Jeanne's mother has dementia but is always with us in the present, that is if she can hear you.

 Sitting:  Jeanne's dad (85) and mom (84).  Top row:  Kelvin, Jeanne, Cathy, Jim.  Kelvin is Jeanne's cousin, but was raised as a brother. 
The day after Easter, we loaded the car and drove the 4 hours 30 minutes to Alys Beach to spend our second Spring Break with two of Ed's daughters, Beth and Ann, and their families.  Beth and John rented a condo several miles from the house Ann had rented.  It was located between Alys Beach and Rosemary Beach off CR30-A.  We stayed with Ann's family.  It was a short walk to the beach and had a nice sized swimming pool, great for the kids.  The only problem we encountered was the weather.  It was mostly chilly, overcast and rainy.  The few days that it was sunny, we still needed sweatshirts.  

If anyone is interested in renting this house, let me know and I will get you info.  It belongs to friends of ours here in Hoover.

At some time during every day, the red flag was flying.  The waves were huge and the kids had fun playing in them.  However, it made Gigi and Granddad very nervous.
Granddad relaxing.

Andrew is almost 7 years old, but he's better at paddle ball than the older crowd (us)!
The annual sand castle!  They did a great job, as always!!
This Spring Break was the busiest that Santa Rosa beach has seen EVER!!  The beaches were terribly crowded and don't even think about getting into Destin.  It should have taken us less than 30 minutes to get to the Destin outlet mall from were we were staying.  It took 1 hour 45 minutes.  UGH!!

Kiley our oldest granddaughter.  She's 10, going on 17.  She has a great personality and beautiful smile.  She wakes up singing every morning.  She is a gift.
Andrew (7) is older than his years.  He is like a sponge and is very articulate.  Kiley (10) has a beautiful, pure heart.  Campbell (8) is beautiful and our artist.  She loves drawing and beading. 
We ate at the Red Bar, a funky little restaurant right off 30-A.  It serves about five delicious entrees. The dining room is small so the wait is hours ... unless you are smart enough to get there 45 minutes before they start seating ... like we did. 

 These are NOT the clothes their mother wanted them to be in for beach pictures, but after dinner, the kids and Gigi walked down to get some sunset pictures and the lighting was perfect ... so there you have it.  They couldn't be any cuter no matter what they wore!!

It was an awesome week, but we were worn out.  Since Feb 20th, when we left for Hawaii, we  have been home 11 days.  Far too few.  So we got home and kicked back and finished Season 2 of Downton Abby.  We will forever and always be reminded that we are so blessed to have seven beautiful and healthy children, as well as nine darling grandchildren to keep us on our toes.  We thank God every day for the moments we have with each one of them!

2013 March Alabama Spring Break

March 25-29, 2013.  We had our first week of Spring Break with Jeanne's kids and grandkids at Logan's Landing on Logan Martin Lake in Alpine, Alabama.  It's about 90 minutes from our house. It's a great campground for kids with heated restrooms and showers, a laundry room, store, and a well-stocked fishing lake.  The main lake and swimming pool will open around the end of April.  Our site was located on the fishing lake (B78).  The boys, ages 8, 10, and 13, love fishing.
The campground is also a safe place for kids to ride their bikes.

Here's Bear ready for a ride!
Bear's first fish.
As you can see, it was cold the first part of the week.
 We found this eagle's nest not too far from the campground!  She swooped down and took her place as we watched.
Daughter Amy and hubby Brian just invested in a new pontoon boat.  Of course, it had to be Kentucky blue!!
 Our site on the Fishing Lake.  The weather was chilly so the fire felt great!!
 This is Cole, our neighbor, with his catch.
Tim's son Josh is big into hunting and fishing.  He killed his first deer this year.
 Grandson Kaeden with his fish. 
 Amy and Bear with his fish.  I believe this was the largest of the day.
 The next morning the boys threw Doritos on the lake to attract the fish, then started catching one after the other.
 Amy caught the smallest of all, but still seems to be enjoying it!!
 It was Friday before Easter so one of the activities was dying eggs of course!!
 Amy and Bear.
Tracy and Kaeden.
 Our friends invited us over for Gumbo.  This is how he cooked it on his patio.  It was delish!!
Our Chef "Navy" Wayne and his wife Becky.
 Here comes Peter Cottontail...NOT hopping down the bunny trail...but rode in on his golf cart.
 Pretty big crowd of Easter egg hunters!
Zane is Navy Wayne and Becky's grandson.  His basket wasn't big enough!!
 The paddle boats are free to residents and renters.  Amy took the boys out.
 The cabins in the background have been purchased.  There are a few on the lake for sale.  Logan's Landing rents a two bedroom cabin, but it's not this pretty and not on the lake.  Daughter and hubby Tim rented it since it was way too cold for a tent!
The one man paddle boats were a big hit!!  The boys had a great time bike riding, fishing, paddle boating, cooking hot dogs and roasting marshmellows over the fire.  It's always a lot of work to camp, but always so much fun to be together!

Friday, March 22, 2013

2013 Spring Fling Stone Mountain, GA

Last November, we visited Stone Mountain to see if the location would be a good fit for our Southeast Lazy Daze Caravan Club.  Ed and I are Wagonmasters and were also hosting the Spring Fling.  The Stone Mountain rally coordinator, John Gombala, treated us like royalty.  We stayed three days and enjoyed every minute.  We were there for the first week-end of "A Stone Mountain Christmas", which was amazing.  The park was lit up "like a Christmas tree" and the shows were professionally done.  If you are looking for a venue for your group or just a destination for a few days, we highly recommend Stone Mountain Campground!

March 14-18, 2013 -- Stone Mountain Rally

Our group picture.  Unfortunately, the Motts left before we took this picture.
I always get excited to see all the LDs lined up.  We had 10 LDs at Stone Mountain. 
At the German Bakery, we met the owner who is an artist and bought cards with her artwork on them
We do a lot of this at our rallies.  We have a great bunch of people with many different personalities and from varied walks of life, but we all have one thing in common, the love of our Lazy Daze. And we love to sit around and talk about how we have enhanced our rigs or any good ideas we have heard or read.
We always have lots to eat because our members are awesome cooks!!
Pancake breakfast without Clara?  She got deathly sick so Joe and his girls handled it with ease!!
Our first "sandwich nite" was a hit.  And we enjoyed Entertainment by Tedd.  His music is original and has a unique sound and funny lyrics.
Some of us decided to walk to the top of the rock.  It took a bit longer than we thought with our creaky knees!
The open air train ride was nice.  Well, sitting down was nice after the "rock climb".
At breakfast, Tedd handed out shamrocks to all the ladies.  After all, it was St. Patty's Day!
Our first movie night featured "Second Hand Lion".  Everyone must have liked it since they all stayed til the end!
The plantation was more of a village.  Some of the structures were original to the site, others were moved there, but they were all old.
All the furniture was period.  It looked as though people were actually living in the homes.
Happy 7th anniversary to the Southeast Lazy Daze Caravan Club!
Stone Mountain is the largest bas-relief in the world, featuring Stonewall Jackson, Robert E Lee and Jefferson Davis. 
Ed and I appreciate everyone's help in putting together and carrying out this rally. We assigned the jobs and no one complained!!  It is always fun to get together with others that love their LDs as much as we do.  For that reason, we are already looking forward to the Fall rally in October in Chattanooga, TN.