Our Lazy Daze Motorhome

Our Lazy Daze Motorhome
2009 Lake Louise

Sunday, January 29, 2012

There's a Bear in the Woods

Well...okay, my title is a little deceiving.  Not a big furry black bear, but a little 7 year old blond boy, Barrett, our grandson.  We call him Bear.  An adult week-end was calling his mom and dad to the beach with another couple, so we were the beneficiaries of Bear.  Spending time with him is a joy for us.  He lives less than 5 miles from us but his mom and dad take their parenting responsibilities so seriously that we don't get him overnight much.  We decided to take our motor home out to Oak Mountain State Park for the week-end.  He had a blast.  We did too!!  He brought his star wars guys, guns, bike and electric scooter and played with them all week-end.  We had a campfire, roasted wieners, and made smores.  After his bath, we climbed into the cab-over and read several kids books I had downloaded to my Kindle before we said the "Our Father" and turned out the lights.       

We woke to a pecking on our window.  A chickadee could see his reflection in our tinted window and he didn't stop pecking all day long.  We were afraid the little thing would hurt himself.  At least after dark the pecking stopped so we could get some sleep.

We didn't realize the temps would get down into the 20s.  Brrr...  But the weather didn't chill our spirits.  We had a great week-end with our little guy.  Several times during the week-end he said, "I love coming to the RV".  That warmed our hearts!!


David said...

Hi Jeanne and Ed...Good to see your blog updates. I can see from the blog and on Facebook you are having and had a great year! Best regards from Nola and David.
P.S. I decided to start my own blog again. Looking forward to sharing the advenures!

Ed and Jeanne Gaffney said...

Thanks David. We are having fun fitting travel into our "regular" life with kids and grand kids. Love seeing pictures of yours and Nola's grands over Christmas and more recently a little one's birthday! Keep posting!!!