Our Lazy Daze Motorhome

Our Lazy Daze Motorhome
2009 Lake Louise

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Independence, MO Pres. Truman Home/Library/Museum

09/26/2012 Wednesday. 

We left Lewis and Clark SP about 8:30 am and headed to Independence, MO and spent a good part of the day visiting both President Truman’s home and his museum/library. (Jeanne got her Senior Pass here.  She began drawing her Social Security the first of the month, and now the Senior Pass.  She feels very entitled.)

The home was built by Bess's grandfather.  We heard some interesting stories from the park ranger about his mother-in-law's dominance over the household, such as taking her place at the head of the dinner table.  Apparently, Harry had married up; coming from farm life and marrying into the prominent family that operated the large flour mill in Kansas City.  We toured only the downstairs of the large Victorian home, which is furnished with everything from typical belongings to family heirlooms and a few prized remembrances from the White House (over 5,000 artifacts). The Trumans were very conservative, like nailing down the linoleum where it was buckled instead of replacing it. We were not allowed to take photos inside the house.  But took many at the museum/library, which was also very interesting.  The library is reserved for people actually doing research, so walking in to take pictures is prohibited.  The museum recounts the President’s time as Senator from 1935 to 1945, his time as Vice-President for about 4 months in 1945 and his assuming the presidency that same year at the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt.  He had a very impressive presidency that included the defeat of the Germans, followed by the dropping of the Atomic Bombs and the surrender of the Japanese in World War II, the Cold War, the beginning of NATO, the Marshall Plan to restore Europe, the Berlin Airlift to supply citizens with food after the Russians closed all access to the city, the Communist takeover under Mao of China, and the Korean War, accompanied by his removal of General Douglas MacArthur as head of the U.S. Forces.  He proposed a National Health Plan and Civil Rights legislation that were both defeated by Congress and he was the first head of state to formally recognize the newly created State of Isreal  He decided not to run again for President in 1953 (because Bess wouldn't allow it). Quite a story for one President.  

 The entrance to the library and museum.


 Ed and Harry!

Harry Truman was the first president to get a Presidential Library.  This is his office here at the library, where he worked out every detail himself. 

  Harry's and Bess's tomb in the distance.  An everlasting flame burns in memory of a president that faced many challenges.

 Both Harry and Bess and their daughter, Margaret and son-in-law are all buried here at the library.

 This is the replica of the Oval Office.  Quite impressive.

 Do you see the fake door on the right side of the picture?  That is office of Truman's personal secretary.

We found as we were leaving the replica of his Oval Office. Every detail, even a taped recording of Truman welcoming us to his office, was very impressive.  

We returned to our travels on I-70 and stopped in Columbia, MO, at the Pine Grove Village with a fee of $28.  (We needed the air conditioning as it was getting warmer as we drove south.)  It was basically a trailer court with some available sites.  We wouldn't stay here again because it is much too close to the noisy interstate, although there are few CG choices in that area. We drove 180.8 miles today.

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