Our Lazy Daze Motorhome

Our Lazy Daze Motorhome
2009 Lake Louise

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Cape San Blas, Florida

Saturday, 2/4/12

Because it was dark last night when we arrived, we didn't realize that we had picked a muddy site, so we decided to move to site #5 where we could get an open southern sky for a satellite signal.  It is a great site with lots of palms to protect our privacy.  Also, we are right across from the path to the beach.  We don't have much of a cell phone signal here, but there is one certain spot on our site that we can get a call out.  We went by the office and paid for three nights ($24/night).  We needed gas in the toad so we stopped at the closest station on Cape San Blas, a BP, and bought 3 gallons (3.65/gal) to get us into Port St. Joe where we still paid 3.55/gal.   

As we were on our way to Port St. Joe for gas, we drove past the Buffer Preserve where they were having a fund-raiser, Bay Day, which turned out to be a shrimp boil.  We couldn't resist.  It was so good.  Steamed shrimp, onions, corn, potatoes, and bread.  We met a very nice couple from Vermont.

Later, around sunset we decided to drive out the to the San Blas Lighthouse.  On the way, we saw three deer.  Two were young bucks.  Even though we have tons of deer in Alabama, we still love to see them.  They are such graceful creatures.

On the full moon (next is Feb 7), they allow visitors to climb the lighthouse to the top, 131 steps.  Today, when we arrived, they asked if we wanted to make the climb.  Of course, we did. 

This is a picture of the sunset taken from the top of the lighthouse.  Very romantic!!

We played around with the camera trying to get a good picture of "us and the sunset", but that didn't really happen.

It was a beautiful evening.  We came back to the campsite and had grilled pork roast and steamed broccoli for dinner.  Watched a bit of TV and off to bed.

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