Our Lazy Daze Motorhome

Our Lazy Daze Motorhome
2009 Lake Louise

Friday, February 10, 2012

Way Down Upon the Suwannee River...

Thursday, 2/9/12

We returned to the Suwannee River.  The vultures are in abundance here.  They are actually cute in a yucky kind of way. The park attendant told us when we checked in that they were very friendly.  This one was not at all afraid of how close I was getting to photograph him.  He seemed to be very social and even seemed to be "flirting" with me in a way.  There are hundreds of them here at the mouth of the spring run.  We were told that they migrate through this area each year.

We were told that the manatee can be seen better in the morning.  We weren't disappointed.  We counted 10 and took dozens of pictures, hoping to get one or two good ones.  Again, we talked to some local campers about Florida campgrounds.  

This afternoon, we took a day trip to Cedar Key which is about 40 miles from our park.  It is something out of the past.  It is an old beachfront community with lots of pastel pinks and aqua houses and businesses.  Hotels were mostly from the 40s.  It was quite charming. 

What is this little darling??  They seem to be growing wild. 

On our way back, we drove through the Lower Suwannee Wildlife Preserve.  We saw mostly foul.  White cranes were in abundance.  When we got back to the campground we hiked the Sinkhole Trail, a one half mile loop.  It is a forest of Oaks, Magnolia, and Hickory trees.  The sinkholes along the trail were created because the limestone, which lies just under the soil, gets washed away into the underground spring.  There is a part of the spring that one can scuba that goes into the caves made by the sinkholes.  Not our cup of tea!!  We returned back to our home on wheels.  We ate grilled salmon and baked potato in our screened canopy.

It was another great day in Florida.

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